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Finance my training
Additional sommelier mention
Bachelor Wine business
Short training courses

Sommellerie & oenology
Master Level South of France

Introduction to tasting Roussillon wines
Roussillon cheese and wine pairings
Know the wines of France
Know the wines of Languedoc 
Know the wines of Catalonia North and South
The art of professional tasting
Wine expert in French wines

Get to know the wines of the greater Occitanie region
Improvement in tasting Roussillon wines
Professionalize wine service in restaurants

Improvement in French wine regions
Know sparkling wines to sell them better

Know spirits to sell them better
Know rums to sell them better
Know whiskeys to sell them better
Knowing beers to sell them better (zythology) – initiation module
Knowing beers to sell them better (zythology) – expert module
Create and optimize your wine list

Create and manage your merchant website with WIX
Management of digital communication for a company in the wine world
Use my smartphone for my communication on social networks
Press Relations Management applied to the world of wine
Communication from a wine estate / restaurant / wine merchant
Design communication materials with CANVA
Master the GDPR regulations

Wine tourism
Create a profitable wine tourism project
Create and manage a wine tourism event

Establish an effective marketing strategy for my wines
Sales techniques
Develop my wine sales in restaurants

Luxury and gastronomy

Art of the Table and French Savoir-Vivre
French gastronomy and food and wine pairings
French gastronomy

Use of luxury codes

Regional Gastronomy and food and wine pairings specializing in Catalan Gastronomy
Regional Gastronomy

Learn professional English wine
Learn professional wine Spanish
Learn Catalan

Preparatory classes
Best Sommelier in France
Meilleur Ouvrier de France
Best Wine Merchant in France
Best Young Sommelier in France
Sommellerie South of France Challenge  


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